Team Building Parties

Throwing a painting party at your next team building event will promote energy, enthusiasm and creativity to your team building events and off-site meetings.


  • Team building (great social / fun activity to get to know your work colleagues better)

  • Fun (individuals can experience painting using proper materials)

  • Creativity (encourages individuals to paint and mix colors to suit the desired finish required).

  • Communication (participants must communicate with each other to ensure that when the finished painting is of a high quality when put together)

  • Cooperation (the only way the finished product will look good is through cooperating and delegating tasks to everyone)



We offer a group rate of $25 per person with more than 15 guests. Choose from our options below that will best suit your next team building event!


  • Traditional Painting party! Everyone will paint the chosen design on a 16x20 canvas and enjoy the company of fellow co-workers.


  • Musical chairs! It looks like a traditional painting party, but when the music stops, you get up and move around in the room until the music starts again, find the nearest canvas and you will paint there for a while. When the music stops again, you move again…. and so on. This option gets messy, takes a little longer, but a whole lot of fun! 

  • Design your own mural! Everyone will have a 16x20 canvas to work with, but at the beginning everyone will place them together and sketch one design. They will then paint them individually. Once everyone is done, they will then place them back together to see the finished mural. This mural can be placed in the office as a reminder of everyone’s individuality as well as their ability to come together as a team to create this one big piece of art!













Tips and Suggestions to improve Team Building Results:

  • Start team building with a pre-painting activity. For example – Bring a favorite breakfast item from childhood and be prepared to share why you selected this dish and why it is important to you.

  • Plan to go to lunch or dinner afterwards. Directly following the event, the conversation is often more powerful and engaging and provides the opportunity to discuss and reflect upon the event.

  • We suggest you plan your event early in the week, leaving the remainder of the week to observe increased energy and creativity.

  • A post-activity debrief is imperative to gain insight, share observations and finish on a high note.  

  • A company unveiling and display of your team’s project or projects is an exciting way to share the experience and serves as a lasting reminder of the importance of teamwork.

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